Real Time Camera

Welcome to Midwest Hazecam!

Midwest Hazecam brings you live pictures and corresponding air quality conditions from scenic urban and rural locations in the upper Midwest. With Midwest Hazecam, you can literally see the effects of air pollution on visibility.

The images from the cameras are updated every 15 minutes. In addition, near real-time air quality data (instantaneous) and meteorological data (hourly average) are provided to distinguish natural from man-made causes of poor visibility, and to provide current air pollution levels to the public.


Boundary Waters, MN Grand Portage, MN
Seney, MI
St. Paul, MN
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO Cincinnati, OH
Brief Site Descriptions
Seney, MI Live Web Cam Seney National Wildlife Refuge: Seney, which was established in 1935 for the protection and production of migratory birds and other wildlife, is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The 21,150-acre wilderness area in the refuge is a federal Class I area and, as such, receives special protection from air pollution. The camera looks to the north. The refuge generally has lower levels of air pollution than urban areas in the Midwest.